New application for a Selective Licence

Before you continue please ensure you read the following information.

This application will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

One licence is required per property, this includes individual self-contained flats within a building.

Selective licences are non-transferrable. If a property is sold or, the existing licence holder is no longer the most appropriate person to be the licence holder, a new selective licence must be applied for.

You will also have the opportunity to attach certain documentation to this application form. It may assist if you have these documents and proof of ID saved in an easily accessible folder on your computer, tablet, smart phone, etc. Evidence of a permanent UK residential address, of proposed Licence holder and/or managing agent where applicable.

Accepted ID (copies only) includes:-

  • Drivers licence, or
  • Utility, bank statement, etc

Other documentation includes:-

  • Landlords Gas Safety Record (LGSR) (if applicable),

If you do not provide all the documents, your property may be prioritised for intervention from a Housing Standards Officer.

The term of a selective licence is for up to 5 years from the date the licensing scheme commencement starts (unless revoked by the Council either with or without the licence holder’s agreement).

The cost of the selective licence fee is as follows:

  • £645 per licence for properties located within the scheme designated on 1st April 2019
  • £595 per licence for properties located within the scheme designated on 1st October 2020

For detail of which designation of which your property can be obtained from the dedicated Selective Licensing web page on the Wirral Council website.

£150 of the total fee is payable upon submission of this application. The remaining balance must be paid in full prior to granting the licence, or alternatively, applicants can pay the licence fee by instalments. An additional charge of £50 will be applicable for payments made by instalments.

Wirral Council will provide a reduction in the licence fee costs as follows:

  • £100 discount if the proposed licenced property is currently accredited with the Council.
    • or the proposed licence holder is an Accredited RLAAS Landlord (RLA).
    • or the proposed licence holder is currently accredited with National Landlord Association (NLA).
    • or the proposed licence holder is currently accredited with the Guild of Residential Landlords.
    • or the proposed licence holder is a fellow of the Association Residential Letting Agents (FARLA).
    • or the proposed licence holder is a member of the Association Residential Letting Agents (MARLA).
    • or proposed licence holder is an ‘Affiliated’ member of The National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS)
    • £50 discount for 2nd and subsequent properties.
  • £100 discount for applications made within 3 months of the commencement of the Selective Licensing Scheme (or 3 months of the property becoming licensable).

PLEASE NOTE – It is suggested that after you have registered/logged in and before you start the application process please click on ‘My Account’ and complete the ‘My Profile’ section. Here you can enter information on other relevant persons who may have an interest in the property, such as other individuals, managing agents, mortgage providers, etc, that can be used in completing some fields in this application.

Please note: If you make a paper application there will be an additional £50 fee.

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